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Welcome to my web site. You are visitor number 13,800. Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about who I am. I was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan by the world's greatest parents and attended both private and public school. Along the way I had several excellent teachers including Mr. Etheridge (5th & 6th grades) who taught me that when the text said someone was the first person to make a discovery, they were probably just the first to record what they found and Mr. Gentry (Junior High) who taught me to try to explain the unexpected results of my science experiments.

I graduated from Cedar Lake Academy (Class of '77) in Cedar Lake, Michigan and received one of five college scholarships from the state of Michigan based on my standardized test scores. I attended Kellogg Community College, for my AS in Electronics Technology (Class of '79). After graduation I worked for Honeywell Microswitch in their Quality Assurance Department and the Byron Nuclear Station for Commonwealth Edison power company as a Technician. After several years I decided to return to school to complete a four year degree.

I attended Andrews University, for additional education; a BS degrees in Computer Science (Class of '87) and an MS in Software Engineering (Class of '89). I will always be grateful to my university professors, especially Dr. Bruce Lee (physics), Dr. Robert Cruise (statistics), Dr. Joseph Greggs (Philosophy), Dr. Lawrence Turner, Mr. Jim Wolfer, and Dr. and Mrs. Bidwell (Computer Science) for their mentoring and daily efforts to instill a complete and well rounded education in a young student.

When I completed my studies I negotiated to represent a small California based company as a contractor in Italy. I really enjoyed my time in Italy and loved meeting the wonderful people and their great cooking (I gained more than a little sampling their fine cuisine and wonderful chocolates). After returning from Italy I worked, for one year, as a programmer with Nationwide Insurance before moving on to AT&T and Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories as a Configuration Manager (CM) in Columbus, Ohio. In November of 1998 I accepted a position with Bell South Telecommunications (BST) in Atlanta, Georgia. After working seven years for BellSouth I choose to accept a contract position with Titian Solutions working for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in Austin, Texas and became part of Spansion when that company was spun off from AMD. Once my contract completed, I joined Newisys (a Sanmina-Sci company), also in Austin, Texas. In May, 2007, Sanmina-Sci announced they were restructuring and intended to sell Newisys. As a result, the Austin location would be closed. Many of the employees, myself included, were release immediately; but would remain on the payroll until their end date (about six weeks later) regardless of their employment status with another company. I returned to Atlanta and accepted a contract for work at DHL Global Mail. Sanmina-Sci's generous severance package (especially considering I had been with the company for exactly one year and two days) meant I was technically on the books of two companies (and drawing two pay checks) for several weeks in June and July of 2007. No one likes to go through a layoff; but my hat is off to Sanmina-Sci for letting their people start the job search before their end dates, and for doing their best to reduce the financial impact on their employees. After ten months, my contract was converted and I became a direct employee of DHL Global Mail.

After a little more than three years with DHL, I had the opportunity to work for SITA and said good-bye to many DHL friends and colleagues to accepted the new position in September 2010. I've had several contracts since my time with DHL, most recently, I've been working for AutoTrader the past two years. I really couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with. The team dynamic was really great and I have to give a lot of credit to my manager, Lee Blackburn, and Senior Manager, Adam Mills, for selecting a highly compatible team with a good mix of skills and personality. I will be sorry to leave the team this September (2017); but I look forward to my next challenge. My résumé has additional work and education information with links to related sites.

On the personal front, I have several interests and hobbies including space research, reading, anything to do with Star Trek, playing Net Hack, using POV for ray tracing, caring for my new house, and photography. I enjoy investing in the stock market and often listen to Marketplace on N.P.R. radio, or reading Louis Rukeyser's website, and watching P.B.S.. I also participate in the Lucent discussion group on the Yahoo message boards. Please feel free to look over my web site and have some fun.

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