Welcome to the video vault.

Congratulations, you've won the easter egg hunt. This page contains short video files I've experimented with, and were intended for family and friends. The cameras have been of limited image resolution and frame rates; the software used to put these images together was the MS-Movie Maker (free software) and these are the first experiments with video I've tried. It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope you enjoy the pictures. P.S. You can stop the music by clicking on the menu player at the bottom of the page.

Click on any of the screens below then click on the play button to view the video file. There may be a short delay before the video starts up. Please be patient while the video buffer fills. The video will begin playing after a few seconds. You can right click and choose the "zoom" property to see the image in an enlarged format. If the video stops in the middle, it means your internet connection is not fast enough to keep up with the play back. Wait a few seconds (to let the video buffer refill) then try playing the video again. You may also right click and choose "options" (in MS-Internet Explorer and MS-Media Player) and specify a larger video buffer or connection speed. This may improve the playback. If you are using software other than Microsoft, there may be similar controls available to you. Once you've seen the whole file the first time, you may play it from begining to end and the file won't stop in the middle anymore.

First movie for Adam Miller

Second movie for Adam Miller

Dr. Herbert Westphal's 101st Birthday

First video for Mom and Dad

Second video for Mom and Dad

Summer Soccer Match in Austin

Wendi's Birthday 2007

Dear Mr. President
(Very political)

Jenny and David B's Birthday 2007

Adam and Brian's Birthday 2008

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